Using BodyTalk and the Qest 4 System for animals is a unique approach to animal health that helps stimulate the animal's natural healing abilities.

As a form of energy based work, it helps animals release stress, heal from illness and injury, and adapt to changes in the family and environment. Sessions commonly address both health and behavior problems.                                                                                                                          

BodyTalk and Qest 4 System for animals sessions are safe, noninvasive and very gentle.  The sessions involve a subtle form of muscle testing to locate communication breakdowns in the body.  Gentle tapping or homeopathic remedies facilitate awareness within the body to help heal itself.  Sessions are done at a short distance or remotely (see Distance page).  This allows for movement which is critical for healing as the animal processes stress and releases stored emotions.

 BodyTalk for Animal Testimonials...

Debbie has been an AMAZING help to me with my pets!! BodyTalk has worked wonders on my 2 Saint Bernards, Belvedere and Franklin. They both have had some health issues ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to seizures. Belvedere had many stomach issues, and with the very first session Debbie was able to help balance him to an intolerance with his food. We had tried many different foods, and nothing worked. Finally, he was put on prednisone for this issue, and it changed his personality for quite a while. He never seemed to be quite the same after that. However, since working with Debbie, Belvedere has been off the prednisone, is sleeping better, is playing again, and is much more peaceful and content. His weight is good, he is no longer obsessed with his food and seems to be back to the dog we had before! Belvedere also has elbow dysplasia, and Debbie, through BodyTalk, has been able to help with that as well. She has taught me how to do some “treatments” on them which also aid in the process, though I don’t think I have quite the same touch.

Belvedere was extremely sick recently, but I knew if I called my vet (who is wonderful by the way), he wouldn’t be able to find anything. I called Debbie in a bit of a panic on a weekend, and she did a session on him. It turned out he had several things going on, and she told me what to do and what to give him. Everything was right on the money, and he recovered and was better within a couple of days. It took some time to get completely over it, but I didn’t have to give him any medications—just supplements. He has been a new dog ever since.

With Franklin, he started experiencing seizures shortly after he turned 3 and came to live with us. Seizures are a very scary experience and extremely taxing on him. After the last time he had 2 in a row, my doctor did some blood work on him and told me we would most likely have to put him on medication. Debbie also did a session, and they both came up with some things to try first. The last seizure he had was in June, and he has been seizure-free since. Debbie had a feeling one might be coming on recently, and she did a session on him, and I did a couple of treatments, and he was clear after that. I think he is definitely on the road to recovery and WITHOUT any medication! That is the best part because that particular medication can be very hard on large dogs. This whole experience has been amazing in and of itself. Just Debbie’s ability to find out what is happening with them has been so incredibly helpful.

We also have 2 cats, and so far, I have not needed any help with them; but, if they ever have an issue, the first person I will call is Debbie! I know I have saved a bundle in vet bills. The dogs have been using supplements which are not necessarily inexpensive, but it is healthy for them, so I don’t really care. It is not the same as clogging their systems with medications that have side effects. In the long run, it will definitely pay off, and at some point, they may not need some of the supplements. Until then, I have very happy, healthy dogs, and that’s all I care about!

Debbie’s ability to “talk to the animals” has been a lifesaver for me because I wouldn’t have known how to help my dogs otherwise. Isn’t that truly the miracle? If we could ask our pets, we wouldn’t have nearly so many problems. Debbie is actually able to do that, and what they have to say is pretty interesting and sometimes funny! I think we all know when something is not quite right with our pets, but being able to diagnose the problem is not so easy. With Debbie, that complication has been taken right out of the picture. Just give it a try, and you’ll see what I mean. You definitely won’t be sorry and will most likely gain a new understanding of your best furry friends.




As a massage therapist, I am open to all types of alternative therapies.  Debbie had been a client of mine for several years, when she started getting excited about  Body Talk,  I was eager to experience her work.  It has helped my family on many levels.  I have a session with her once a month.  I believe it keeps me grounded as well as addressing specific needs.  The most amazing experience our family has experienced, was with my grand dog, Foxie.  She is a beautiful little Shiba Inu.  My daughter's family rescued her several years ago from a pet store that was going to have her put down because she had hip displasia.  About 18 months ago, she began experiencing severe pain in the hip, so intense that she couldhardly walk, let alone manage the stairs in her home.  My daughter contacted Debbie.  Through using her skills with Body Talk, Debbie was able to help relieve the excruciating pain.  Amazingly, Foxie is still with us.  We thank God, and Debbie for helping Foxie and prolong her life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           DH