My first session went well - it really made no sense but still no harm in going back. I could actually relate a personal experience with something that was brought up in a session. Maybe not right away but usually within the next week - sometimes on the drive back home! The first time that happened I was overcome with emotions. It had come up with something that happened a few months after I turned 46. I could not think of anything. A week later it hit me like a ton of bricks that was the first time I had a serious illness and was hospitalized for 9 days after my mom had passed away. For all these years I had ignored my emotions I had tied to that situation. It seems like from that point on I felt better about myself, my life in general and I began to realize I was able to do more than I was allowing myself both physically and emotionally. I had felt so overwhelmed and a heaviness within myself. I truly think I would not allow myself to be happy! It took several sessions to work through issues that I had been carrying around so long.  Within a few weeks I walked into a session and told Debbie I don't understand it but it works! I feel lighter and less troubled than I did. I had not even realized all of the baggage I had been carrying around for so many years. I still go for sessions. There are not so many "breakthroughs" as in the beginning but I still feel a great deal better when I know my body is working like it was made to work. I still can't explain it to anyone. I only know that it has helped me feel better about myself and I think I am enjoying life to its fullest for the first time in many many years.



Body Talk has been very helpful for me in determining what is going on with my body. Sometimes you just know there is something wrong but can’t quite pin it down; especially when dealing with food allergies or intolerances. Debbie is amazing at interpreting what your body is trying to tell you. She seems to have a true gift with this type of work, and I highly recommend it! I don’t tell her what is happening with me when I go in, but somehow she always knows immediately. Don’t misunderstand this to be some sort of “psychic phenomenon” because it isn’t—it’s just your body saying, “Hey, pay attention!” Sometimes we just need an interpreter, and that’s where Debbie and Body Talk come in.

Her passion and dedication to helping people feel better stem in part, I’m sure, from her own difficulties with conventional doctors and being caught in the vicious cycle of medications and ailments. I have had the same difficulties, and I can tell she truly understands that dilemma and wants to help people get out of that cycle. Body Talk works so well in conjunction with other types of treatments also such as food supplements, chiropractic, and energy work. They truly go hand-in-hand, and complement each other beautifully.

I have benefited many times already from Debbie’s services, and the best part is there is really nothing to lose! There are no drugs, no pills, no tests; it’s all just natural and what your body is trying to tell you. Sometimes I have to be hit with a brick, but when Debbie tells me what is “coming up” with my body, it then will make perfect sense. I’m quite certain I have used the expression “DUH” more than once after a session—as in, why couldn’t you pick up on that yourself? It is extremely difficult, especially with food intolerances, to determine which thing it was that you ate and when that caused this problem. With Debbie, she can sometimes pinpoint it right away, and it all just comes together.

Personally, I have been moving as far away from doctors and “conventional” medicine as I can safely get. That is not to say they don’t have their place, but for the issues I was having, taking multiple medications and having extensive and invasive tests performed to determine why I didn’t feel quite right, just wasn’t the answer. However, changing my diet and paying attention to subtle things my body was trying to tell me WAS the answer. My diet has changed radically, and it is all for the better. I have always been kind of an old-fashioned person, and the theories of “you are what you eat” still really hold true. Debbie has been very instrumental in helping me to continue on this healthy journey, and I am so happy she is doing Body Talk!



“About a week and a half after suffering from a miscarriage I began experiencing pain in my lower abdomen.  At first I thought it was digestive pain so I waited several days for it go away.  After 4 or 5 days the pain had not moved, it was still in the exact same place it was when it started, right in the area of my uterus/bladder, and just got worse.  I was afraid that I had some kind of infection from the miscarriage process and I was sure that I was going to end up at the doctor’s office having to have some kind of invasive procedure  and a round of antibiotics to fix the infection.  I decided to try a BodyTalk session first, as I have had many sessions with Debbie and they have helped other ailments.  After doing the session Debbie said that I should feel relief within 48 hours.  The next day the pain was noticeably better, I could sit down without sending shooting pains into my uterus!  By the second day the pain was 95% gone!!  I was SO RELIEVED that I did not end up having to take harsh/harmful antibiotics of have any invasive procedures , Thank You Debbie.”



Debbie has been an AMAZING help to me with my pets!! BodyTalk has worked wonders on my 2 Saint Bernards, Belvedere and Franklin. They both have had some health issues ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to seizures. Belvedere had many stomach issues, and with the very first session Debbie was able to help balance him to an intolerance with his food. We had tried many different foods, and nothing worked. Finally, he was put on prednisone for this issue, and it changed his personality for quite a while. He never seemed to be quite the same after that. However, since working with Debbie, Belvedere has been off the prednisone, is sleeping better, is playing again, and is much more peaceful and content. His weight is good, he is no longer obsessed with his food and seems to be back to the dog we had before! Belvedere also has elbow dysplasia, and Debbie, through BodyTalk, has been able to help with that as well. She has taught me how to do some “treatments” on them which also aid in the process.

Belvedere was extremely sick recently, but I knew if I called my vet (who is wonderful by the way), he wouldn’t be able to find anything. I called Debbie in a bit of a panic on a weekend, and she did a session on him. It turned out he had several things going on, and she told me what to do. Everything was right on the money, and he recovered and was better within a couple of days. It took some time to get completely over it, but I didn’t have to give him any medications—just supplements. He has been a new dog ever since.

With Franklin, he started experiencing seizures shortly after he turned 3 and came to live with us. Seizures are a very scary experience and extremely taxing on him. After the last time he had 2 in a row, my doctor did some blood work on him and told me we would most likely have to put him on medication. Debbie also did a session, and they both came up with some things to try first. The last seizure he had was in June, and he has been seizure-free since. Debbie had a feeling one might be coming on recently, and she did a session on him, and I did a couple of treatments, and he was clear after that. I think he is definitely on the road to recovery and WITHOUT any medication! That is the best part because that particular medication can be very hard on large dogs. This whole experience has been amazing in and of itself. Just Debbie’s ability to find out what is happening with them has been so incredibly helpful.

Debbie’s ability to “talk to the animals” has been a lifesaver for me because I wouldn’t have known how to help my dogs otherwise. Isn’t that truly the miracle? If we could ask our pets, we wouldn’t have nearly so many problems. Debbie is actually able to do that, and what they have to say is pretty interesting and sometimes funny! I think we all know when something is not quite right with our pets, but being able to diagnose the problem is not so easy. With Debbie, that complication has been taken right out of the picture. Just give it a try, you definitely won’t be sorry and will most likely gain a new understanding of your best furry friends.




About four months after I had my son, I was in the shower one day and it felt like I had stepped on a rock. I looked under my foot and found a little hole with a little black dot in it. Unsure of it, I just cleaned it out with some alcohol and didn't think a thing of it. About two months later, I noticed that these holes were now all over the heal of my right foot. Within a week (before I could even get to the doctor) they all turned into full blown planters warts. Over the course of FOUR years I saw every doctor, every specialist, every dermatologist who tried every kind of treatment and cream and freezing and you name it. Nothing worked! I had even been so desperate at times to take a pairing knife and try to cut them out by the root. Nothing helped and everything always just led to great pain and sometimes the sprout of a new wart. 

In a conversation with my friend Debbie Leafblad, she mentioned that Frankincense may help. At that point I wouldn't have turned down the idea of anything!! I used the oil on my foot for about four weeks. My family and I went on vacation and I had forgotten the oil. I had seen some progress and thought for sure the two weeks we were gone would result in the reversal of the progress. To my surprise, a week into my vacation they were GONE!!! I mean totally, completely gone...non existent!! The skin that was left was fresh and soft as if nothing had ever happened. I was truly amazed and have since relied on various oils for all ailments. I would recommend it to anyone for anything!! This stuff is for real and truly changed the way I use oils!! 





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