No other health care product providers have combined synergistically blended ancient herbal formulas with cutting edge science free of questionable animal glandular tissues. Inno-Vita's manufacturing of the highest quality nutritional and herbal formulas have resulted in a new product line sold exclusively through health care professionals.
The synergistic effect of ancient herbal wisdom combined with modern day genetic science has resulted in the revolutionary formulation of Form Codes. Form Codes found within many Inno-Vita formulas are the genetic amino acid sequences modeled after a healthy human being rather than relying on animal glandulars for balancing endocrine function.
Hundreds of different companies nutritional products are appearing in this rapidly growing industry. Health care professioanal are bombarded regularly with numerous supplements that promise fast results. More supplement companies are producing supplement and herbal remedies that deal with symptoms rather than addressing the core causes of the concern.

Inno-Vita formulas have been designed to work within the body's own healing system and at the PROPER NUTRITION and ENERGETIC FREQUENCIES that are critical for prompt and optimal healing. After many years of study, the Inno-Vita research team has been able to restructure and form the energetic sequences and codes of each organ at the RNA/DNA level of the healthy human being. These sequences and codes have been combined to form what Inno-Vita has titled Form Codes.

Dr. Dr. Daeyoon Kim, founder of Inno-Vita, recieved his education and advanced degrees form Utah State University where he earned his Doctorate in Physiology. Dr. Kim's unique background in herbal medicine, and animal husbandry led him to realize the inherent dangers in todays use of animal glandulars in human supplements. He also realized that these glandulars where the key to the healing power of professional supplements. Today practitioners have the benefits of animal glandulars without the glandulars and toxic by products found in the glandulars through Inno-Vita's Form Code products.

Today Dr. Kim continues to work with a team of research scientists in various fields of expertise to innovate products which answer the needs in the natural wellness field.


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