Our entire body is one big energy field. Hidden beneath the physical surface, are levels of emotions, thought patterns and learned beliefs. Imbalances and energy blockages on these levels manifest as emotional discomforts and even physical illnesses. The most effective way to balance an illness is to uncover its root cause and begin the healing process from the deepest emotional level. Our work at Energetic Solutions for Health compliments traditional treatments offering a holistic healing solution encompassing body, mind and spirit.

Whether you want to improve your overall well-being or address an illness my goal is to provide responsible, effective holistic care by addressing the whole person.  Instead of only focusing on symptoms or what might seem like an obvious problem, attention is also given to the underlying causes of a person's health challenges.  What is fueling the imbalance and finding the priorities for restoring optimal health.



BodyTalk is truly a revolution in healthcare, an amazing modality designed to bring harmony and communication to the body which can profoundly improve your health in a few short sessions. And it can do this in a completely non-invasive, safe way. BodyTalk combines the wisdom of traditional, alternative and orthodox medicines, It is a pain-free, drug-free approach, with the added benefit of having no risks or side effects.

qest 4 machine.png

Qest 4

The Qest 4 System has a broad range of abilities. It is an economical, non-invasive way to evaluate numerous factors related to your health, Including nutritional imbalances, organ stress, allergies, hormonal imbalance, structural misalignments, sensitivities and many other problems at the root of health issues.