Alternative medicine has fascinated me from the moment I was introduced to it 30+ years ago.  In 2000 I had an injury involving some dirty metal so I did what we're taught to do and got a tetanus shot.  Forty-five minutes later I was laying on the floor in the grocery store.  My quality of life went down hill from there.  I had never had any problems before so this was all a surprise to me.  I had a hunch that my problem was from the shot but of course EMT's and doctors said no one reacts to tetanus shots. Guess what? I did. From that point on in 2000 I became allergic to so many things, many that I wasn't even aware of.  I knew I felt horrible but didn't know the cause. I developed Lymes disease, Fibro and chronic fatigue, and multiple chemical sensitivity and more.  I couldn't go to the store with out feeling like I was going to pass out when I hit the cleaning and coffee isles.  When I ate some times it would feel like someone took my bones out and I couldn't hold myself up. My hormones went crazy, my brain was foggy, my thyroid crashed, on and on.  After 1 1/2 years of this some wonderful ladies at our church kidnapped me and took me to a chiropractor.  It changed my life.  I had had acupuncture years before but had forgotten about alternative medicine.  This chiropractor was able to help my allergies and get my stomach working again.  Within two weeks my acid reflux cleared up.  This man helped me tremendously but I still didn't feel well.  I was functioning but not living.  I tried acupuncture, NAET and a few other items all of which helped but still I didn't feel well.  In 2009 I met a BodyTalk practitioner and began working with her.  It was a long road but my life began changing from the first session.  I think the thing that made the difference was that BodyTalk has the ability to address so many levels of the body/mind complex.  The active memory and consciousness items were what I was missing with the other things I had tried. 

I feel fortunate to have found the Body Talk System in early 2009.  It has enlightened me to a whole new perspective in health and well being, a search I had been on for years. BodyTalk combines everything I was looking for in health care because it integrates traditional Western allopathic medicine, ancient Eastern philosophies and modern psychology.

The healing and improved quality of life that I experienced through my sessions sparked me to further pursue BodyTalk on another level by becoming a certified practitioner.  I never expected to find my self a practitioner of alternative medicine but I have to say that when I went to my first class it felt like I had come home.  It fit me like a glove and was so comfortable to me. My greatest satisfaction is seeing similar results with my family, friends and clients. As I studied the system and practiced on friends and family, I was delighted with their positive experiences and fascinated at how simply and effectively BodyTalk caters to so many health issues. 

I am dedicated to helping everyone feel better and gain more from life.  I am constantly amazed at the simplicity of how BodyTalk works and love to share this with others.


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